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Newly Diagnosed

If your child has cancer and you need financial assistance, please download the form below and follow instructions.

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As part of the DIPG/DMG Collaborative we have a dedicated site for families of the newly diagnosed.

Visit for helpful information. 

Learn what to do after diagnosis, get the facts about Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) and find much needed support by visiting, a site hosted by the DIPG/DMG Collaborative dedicated as a resource for those newly diagnosed.

This site will help guide you through understanding this diagnosis, assist in choosing treatments as well as facilities familiar with DIPG patients. has the most relevant statistics substantiated by research and remains current because it is updated frequently.

Stefani and Steve Healey, founders of The Brooke Healey Foundation, have been in your shoes and understand the questions and concerns you have and  the anxiety and fear you feel. will help, but if your research leads you to more questions or you need further clarification, reach out to The Brooke Healey Foundation at  
We will do our best to help and provide any direction we can.  Also, Stefani and Steve are willing to talk with you directly and be another source of support.

The pictures of Brooke below, show her in different phases of her 8-month struggle.


Brooke prior to diagnosis


Brooke 6 weeks after diagnosis


Brooke 5 months after diagnosis


Brooke 6 months after diagnosis


Brooke 7 months after diagnosis


Brooke in her final weeks


We cannot do what we do without dedicated volunteers and welcome any time you can give.


Your donations go directly to help families dealing with pediatric cancer and supporting targeted research. 


We have a range of levels at our events and beyond. We can also customize an opportunity.

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