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2014 Scholarships



Lauren Charlton

Lauren will be attending the University of Pittsburgh in the fall and is planning on becoming a nurse, has participated in the Relay for Life, peer minister, and , what shde found to be most meaningful, volunteering on the pediatric floor of Overlook Hospital.


Justina Parenti

Justina  will be attending Drew University this fall and has volunteered at her church and also at Overlook Hospital, assisting the oncology nurses and providing comfort to patients.



Emily Yates

Emily will be attending Davidson College in the fall. She volunteered weekly at two local museums and worked as an office assistant at the Macculloch Hall Historical museum in Morristown. She has recently taken on the role of education assistant at the museum of Early Trades and Crafts and enjoys teaching groups about Colonial America. She has logged over 1,200 volunteer hours at these two nonprofit organizations.


Evan Webb

Evan will be attending The County College of Morris in the fall. He has been a member of the Florham Park First Aid Squad for three years responding to medical emergencies as an EMT two nights a week. He was an EMT with the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps for two years and volunteers with the Madison Fire Department. Before he was old enough to volunteer, he spent six years serving in the Boy Scouts. Evan is someone who truly enjoys giving back to the community.


Kate Ryan

Kate will be attending Providence College in the fall. She is inspired to help her community through her church’s youth ministry program. She progressed from teacher’s aid to having her own classroom. During the past three summers, she traveled to West Virginia to help repair houses.
She  also volunteered at the Madison summer school  program,  designed to help students with learning disabilities continue their education and get a head start for the upcoming year. She's a volunteers with the Bridges Outreach program and distributes clothing to needy individuals as well as volunteers at Eva’s Kitchen preparing and serving food. She will be heading off to school a few days early to contribute to the Urban Action program and serve the community of Providence.

Macintyre Goodwin

Macintyre will be attending Marywood University in the fall. She has a younger sister with Down syndrome who has inspired her to work with other special needs individuals. She has served as a counselor for  Educational Program of Children Handicapped (EPOCH). That experience has driven her to pursue a career in occupational therapy.
Since volunteering at Central Avenue’s summer program she has met a role model in Megan Petersen, the school’s occupational therapist and hopes to follow in her footsteps. She will also be a member of the Marywood Pacer softball team. 
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