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Claire McFarland

Claire's  volunteering began in eighth grade.  By her freshman year of high school she was a member of the Overlook Hospital Volunteer Services Department, where she would discharge patients, take specimens to the lab, and perform various other duties. 


She also served in the Social Club Program at the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, which paired her one-on-one with a CSH patient for various individualized activities.  Claire also volunteered as a teacher at her dance studio for 3rd-6th graders, and volunteered at the American Legion Post #433 monthly dinners. 

NPHS- David Peritore.jpeg
David Peritore

From a young age, David's  family taught him that life should be about putting service to others above himself.  It started with church volunteering then continued with his participation in Relay For Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. 


Part of his years there was spent as the captain of The Spoerl Brainstormers, a team dedicated in honor of his friend’s father who passed away from brain cancer. He was also on the Event Leadership Team and Youth Committee, and was named the Youth Committee Chair of the event.  As a Boy Scout, David also completed his Eagle Scout Project by fixing up the courtyard at New Providence High Scholl.   

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