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SAVE THE DATE Casino Night 

March 2, 2024


333 Davidson Ave.

Somerset, NJ


Connection. Affiliation. Growth and Impact.

These were key words in Steve Healey's speech at our 8th Annual Casino Night Gala, which took place March 4, 2023  at The Palace at Somerset Park. It's the connection to our supporters and your affiliation with The Brooke Healey Foundation that's allowed us to fight on.

To date, with your help, we've raise over $2 million -- over $250,000 was raised at this year's casino night alone. This is truly incredible. We're forever grateful for your support!

Here's how Steve concluded his talk. We hope you'll heed his call to action.

“From our board, committee members and volunteers, to donors like you and kids running lemonade stands — I started my speech talking about how much your connection to us means. I want to wrap up with another word: affiliation. We cannot grow or succeed without your affiliation.

I would be honored if everybody in this room would refer to yourselves as affiliates of The Brooke Healey Foundation. Can I ask you to start using phrases like: ‘an organization I am connected to’ or ‘an organization I support’ or ‘I am a part of The Brooke Healey Foundation.' You play an integral part in helping families, providing scholarships and funding necessary research to help find a cure. Not just for DIPG. Not only for pediatric cancer. For ALL cancers.

The researchers in our field believe that finding a cure for DIPG — the hardest one to cure — will lead to home run cure for all cancers. This is the organization you are affiliated with!”


Why will this make a difference? Those dealing with pediatric cancer are at risk because of a lack of funding towards a cure. Families dealing with DIPG, in particular, have few resources. 

  • Only 4% of federal cancer research funding goes towards pediatric cancer. 

  • In the last 20 years, only four cancer treatments have been specifically developed and approved for children.

  • The treatments for DIPG remain the same as they did for Buzz Aldrin's child in 1962. With your help all of this is changing.

Experts in the field believe that finding a cure for the biggest bullies, like DIPG, will lead to a homerun cure for all cancers.


Read more about how we help families, and see how we fund important pediatric cancer research.  

Casino Night Crowd 2023
The Healey Family

I recently heard this beautiful phrase: ‘We’re all just walking each other home.' If I heard this seven years ago, I would have been touched. Today, after trying to work through the grief of losing Brooke, it takes on a different meaning. Everyone has faced loss of some kind. We are not going to avoid all heartache in life nor should we. We need to live through it. Tonight, I want to tell you that I am here to walk you home, as a friend and as a mom. As a Foundation, we are here to walk with the kids we are helping. Even more importantly, they are walking us home. Thank you for walking with us.



Stefani Healey
2020 Casino Night Gala speech


Your donations go directly to help families dealing with pediatric cancer and supporting targeted research. Experts in the field believe that finding a cure for DIPG may lead to a cure for all cancers.

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